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Taskforce for Lung Health

Posted on: 18 Dec 2018

The Taskforce for Lung Health is comprised of representatives from 29 organisations: professional, charity and patient.

In its five-year plan, it sets out 42 recommendations to try to influence, in the short term, how better lung health can be delivered.

In this podcast, Steve Holmes (Somerset GP) and Carol Stonham (Primary Care Respiratory Nurse) outline the six overarching groupings.

1. Keeping lungs healthy: smoking cessation, air quality, protecting lung health in the workplace
2. Early and accurate diagnosis: early awareness, clear pathways, spirometry as a diagnostic tool
3. Better lung health for all: quality assessment, reviews and inhaler technique
4. Living with lung disease: pulmonary rehabilitation, personalised care plans
5. Care in the last year of life: having end of life discussions with your patients
6. Workforce of the future: the right people trained to deliver the right targets

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