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Key learnings from the 2019 Community Pharmacy Meetings

Posted on: 22 Aug 2019

In this video series, our 2019 Community Pharmacy Meetings’ Speakers discuss the key take-home messages from each session of the Meetings. The expert speakers also explain which topics inspired discussion and share some of the key points raised by delegates.

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Other videos

Author: PCRA
Fit to Care: talking heads (part 2)
CPD points
7min 37sec
Author: Steve Holmes and Carol Stonham
Asthma guidance conversation
CPD points
Author: PCRA 2019 Community Pharmacy Meetings Speakers
Key learnings from the 2019 Community Pharmacy Meetings
CPD points
Author: Daryl Freeman and Dominika Froehlich-Jeziorek
QOF pros and cons – can you live without it?
CPD points
08min 42sec

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