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Which guideline for the treatment of COPD?

Posted on: 21 Nov 2017

This resource proposes a simple COPD treatment pathway that has been distilled from current guidance.


Currently, guidelines for the treatment of COPD differ in their advice. NICE COPD Guideline CG101 was published in 2010.  Therefore, it omits drug classes and new understanding of high-value interventions developed since that time. As such, it primarily uses lung function as the first step to assess severity and guide treatment.


The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) was updated in 2017. It uses a combination of symptoms and exacerbations frequency rather than lung function as guides to treatment.


The busy non-COPD specialist primary care clinician needs a strategy that is simple, patient-centred and easy to apply. So, which to choose?


Which guideline for the treatment of COPD is written by clinicians with expertise in the primary care management of COPD. It is based predominantly on symptoms and exacerbations, reflecting the fact that there are differences between patients who have a diagnosis of ‘COPD’. It joins the NHS RightCare COPD Pathway as a valuable resource for the management of patients with COPD.

Which guideline for the treatment of COPD?

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