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BLF Report – Less help to quit

Posted on: 1 Feb 2019

This document was originally published in July 2018.

The BLF has published recommendations to counter the huge decline in stop smoking services and prescriptions for stop smoking aids.

  • The UK government is urged to reverse cuts to public health funding for local authorities.
  • CCGs are asked to repeal guidance to GPs revoking their right to prescribe stop smoking medication.
  • Commissioners of stop smoking services are to remove from contracts any unfair restrictions on the prescription of stop smoking products.

As it stands, the erosion of government funding for stop smoking services is resulting in many smokers not being able to get the medication they need. Clearly, this can occur where local authority-commissioned stop smoking services have been cut, or decommissioned entirely.

The annual cost of smoking is phenomenal. But CCG unwillingness or inability to take on the cost of clinically effective and appropriate prescription medication from GPs has far-reaching repercussions for the patient, the NHS and wider society.

Download: BLF Report – Less help to quit

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