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Regional COVID-19 Webinars

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COVID-19: clinical challenges now and in the future

40 min presentation + 20 minutes for questions with speakers

  • Acute COVID, Chest infection, Asthma or COPD – how should I assess?
  • What are the likely problems we will see in people recovering from COVID-19? use of respiratory testing during COVID-19

Primary care clinicians will be invited to attend a live webinar for their region

  1. Iain Small, Morag Reily, Luke Daines
  2. Ren Lawler, Vince Mak, Sanjeev Rana
  3. Daryl Freeman, Val Gerrard, Ruth Thomas
  4. Katherine Hickman, Oonagh Potts, Steven Gaduzo
  5. Carol Stonham, Steve Holmes, Vikki Knowles
  6. Bev Bostock (Mathura to provide), Steve Holmes, Carol Stonham


Iain Small

Lead Speaker

Luke Daines

GP and CSO Academic Clinical Fellow

Vince Mak

Consultant in Respiratory Integrated Care

Daryl Freeman

Associate Clinical Director

Val Gerrard

Lead Speaker

Ruth Thomas

Specialist Respiratory Nurse

Oonagh Potts

Nurse and Independent Prescriber

Carol Stonham

Senior Nurse Practitioner

Vikki Knowles

Lead Speaker



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