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Responsible respiratory prescribing

Access tools that inform your respiratory prescribing decisions.


RightBreathe provides information on every inhaler and spacer device currently licensed in the UK, tailored to local, national and international prescribing pathways. It is intended to support responsible prescribing, optimise medicines use and reduce the complexity of decision-making for clinicians treating patients with asthma and COPD.


ICS Alert Card

High-dose inhaled corticosteroid alert cards are an NHS requirement. The alert card order form, sample and guidance for prescribers is available for download (reproduced with the permission of the London Respiratory Network).


STAR programme

STAR is a Socio-Technical Approach to Resource Allocation tool that visualises a calculation of value for money for a given population from a given intervention. Value is derived from a measure of the benefit per person (quality-adjusted life years) times the number of people affected. Access the LSE app to build your own value triangles.


ICS withdrawal

Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) have a role in the treatment of COPD but only in a limited segment of the population with COPD. They are not recommended in the treatment of patients…

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COPD value pyramid

The COPD Value Pyramid is a model that is designed to aid clinicians, system commissioners and providers to make value-based decisions for people and populations with COPD. In expressing the…

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