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Clinical Videos

We have created a number of videos of primary care clinicians discussing topical issues.

What do you do with the breathless patient? Perhaps you want to refresh your skills in performing quality-assured spirometry. Or your interest may lie in learning how you might help smokers quit.

You can always find something of interest to you and your colleagues.

Speakers: Mike Morgan, Duncan Keeley and Bronwen Thompson
Key Points from the NHS Long Term Plan
Speakers: Darush Attar-Zadeh and Anna Murphy
Medicines Optimisation and the Challenges in Respiratory Care: A Pharmacy Perspective
1 CPD points
47min 14sec
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Speakers: Steve Holmes and Carol Stonham
2019 Clinical Roadshow preview
4min 56sec
Speakers: PCRA
Fit to Care: a clinical perspective
6min 18sec
Speakers: Steve Holmes and Laura Rush
The importance of choosing the right inhaler
16min 01sec
Speakers: Steve Holmes and Carol Stonham
Asthma guidance conversation
Speakers: Darush Attar-Zadeh and Carol Stonham
Medicines Optimisation and the Challenges in Respiratory Care: A Clinical Perspective
0.5 CPD points
23min 08sec
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Speakers: Noel Baxter
Drivers of Breathlessness
12min 47sec
Speakers: Noel Baxter
Tobacco dependency: how can we help smokers quit?
7min 54sec
Speakers: Noel Baxter
Tobacco dependency: why is treatment important?
6min 53sec
Speakers: Laura Rush
How to perform quality-assured spirometry
4min 37sec

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