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Clinical webinars

This year brings a fantastic opportunity to deliver a bumper edition of our clinical roadshow with a series of six interactive webinars. Set to air in May and June, the PCRA 2021 Clinical Webinar Series will deliver quality respiratory education for primary healthcare professionals.

The webinars will cover key topics in respiratory care, including the patient recovery journey post-infection as well as in-depth information on the diagnosis and management of COPD and asthma.

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Broadcast – 4 May – 7.30pm

• When to suspect asthma?
• Getting the diagnosis right
• Early management

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Broadcast – 12 May – 7pm

• Priority patients, confusing comorbidities and touch topics

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Broadcast – 27 May – 7pm

• When to suspect COPD?
• Diagnosing during a pandemic
• Early management basics

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Broadcast – 9 June – 7pm

• Addressing comorbidities
• When to consider a specialist referral
• Advance care planning

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Broadcast – 24 June – 7pm

• Mistaken and overlooked conditions

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Broadcast – 30 June – 7pm

• Recovery from exacerbations of asthma or COPD and community-acquired pneumonia
• The road to recovery from COVID-19

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